EvilCraft - The Origins Of Darkness


Curse of Breaking
This enchantment exists in three stages, it looks like it does exactly the opposite of the Unbreaking enchant. This doesn’t seem very useful, does it? Maybe I should find a way to get rid of this.

Life Stealing
The three stages of this enchant on offensive weapons allows you to steal parts of the life you take from others.

Poison Tip
When applying some poison to your weapons, you have a chance of poisoning your victims.This enchantment exists in three stages. It looks like you can make a basic version of this enchantment by adding a poisonous material to a regular book.

I was getting tired of my favorite tools breaking everytime I wasn’t paying attention to them. This I why I devised a new enchantment that makes tools unusable when they are about to break, giving myself enough time to repair it to its former glory.

Curse of Vengeance
Tools with this enchanment will spawn Vengeance Spirits when used.