EvilCraft - The Origins Of Darkness

The Powers of Blood

Everyone knows that Blood is a key element of every living being. Combining the magical properties of Dark Gems and the vitalizing Blood allowed me to come up with some really amazing new tools and machines. Some of my peers say I’m a bit too enthusiastic about this discovery, I guess they’re not open-minded enough.

Dark Gems seem to be very open to accept Blood. Tossing one in a pool of Blood results in a Dark Power Gem. Note that you will need at least five source Blood blocks, you will need to do this at least once, in the next chapter I will explain how to more cheaply craft Dark Power Gems.

As we all know, Blood will dry out after a while when it is in a dry area. Using some Flint and Steel on such Hardened Blood will give some Hardened Blood Shards which might come in handy later on. It looks like these shards can also be obtained when cooking such a Hardened Blood block, if you can obtain it in some way ... maybe a soft touch can help?

  • Sang durci
Hardened Blood Shard9